Innovation Centers

“We’ve partnered with Downstream for years because they push innovation to the next level.”

- Gagan Puranik, Director, Verizon Global Customer Engagement


Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless communications service provider, is an innovative broadband and telecommunications company.


How do you showcase the power of the network, the emergence of the Internet of things and the ecosystem of innovative applications in an environment that fosters collaboration and co-creation? As an extension of their Innovation Program, we helped Verizon create a program of groundbreaking Innovation Centers—first in Waltham, Massachusetts, and then in San Francisco, California. The goal was to showcase the power of innovative possibilities through cutting edge technologies.


Create a culture-changing program that is realized in physical locations designed to connect the best minds and best network at Verizon with the leading device manufacturers and most innovative application developers. Develop a start-up and fail-faster mentality of experimentation to move ideas from concept to market as fast as possible. In Waltham, we helped craft a space that could foster partnerships for the early development of innovative LTE-based solutions and non-traditional products in consumer electronics, machine-to-machine, and business products. In San Francisco, we worked with Verizon to connect two floors: creating drama and impact to entice visitors deeper into the Verizon story. The open gallery encourages exploration across interactive exhibits and leads into sector-specific flex labs.


The result has been a new recognition of Verizon as a true visionary leader and trusted innovation partner. The centers now host not only customer and partner collaboration but also industry events and workshops. The centers have become hubs of innovation and design thinking for application developers and device makers from around the world.


Concept Development

User Experience

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Brand Strategy

Art Direction & Design

Environmental Design



Interior Design

Motion Graphics

Technology Systems


The Verizon Innovation Center experience combines robust interactive platforms alongside working lab and product demonstration areas to explore enterprise solutions in real-life scenarios.

The Discovery Wall presents the interconnected world of devices, network capabilities and applications empowered by Verizon.

A Verizon Radar Table utilizing object recognition technology allows users to call up devices and applications that link with specific Verizon products. This was one of the very first object recognition table features. Encoded cubes representing various products automatically generate content when the user sets them on the table.

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