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    Executive Briefing Centre


    "Downstream curated an experience with our branding at the heart of their design, and challenged us to understand what is important, where we felt we could make a difference in our customer experience. Really understanding who we were, made us feel special."

    Jennifer Anthony, Customer Engagement Manager, Elekta



    For over 50 years, Elekta’s purpose has been to help clinicians improve patients’ lives. As a manufacturer of medical devices for cancer care and brain disorders, Elekta’s Executive Briefing Centre inspires and engages in dialogue with it’s customers – the clinicians who use precision radiation medicine.


    Create an environment to reflect the innovative culture of Elekta, providing every guest with a targeted visit through premier experiences in a state-of-the-art, world-class facility.


    A dynamic and intelligent space to advance medicine, the EBC connects six customer experience zones, each with a unique role in the visit. Innovation is inherent in every aspect of the facility, from product demonstrations to customized experiences via bespoke, interactive displays and content.


    An innovative eco-system, resulting in a highly personalized and engaging customer experience. The centralized CMS manages and distributes content across Elekta locations globally, contributing to a unified global content and brand strategy.


    Concept Development
    Creative Direction
    Front-End Development
    Technology Systems
    Project Management
    Environmental Design
    Brand Strategy
    User Experience
    Back-End Development
    Art Direction & Design
    Interior Design

    Located in the central atrium, the Innovation wall celebrates Elekta’s story of innovation and reveals a wide range of brand communications. The content is motion-triggered as visitors walk by the display, making the experience feel intuitive. The wall is also used for town-hall meetings and larger events.


    The reception offers both a welcome space and a utilizable area for visitors. A “Welcome Wall” serves looped content welcoming visitors and includes media feeds like Twitter, Newsfeed, information on events and training.


    The hospitality suite is a space to relax and break from product sessions. Coffee, lunch, and snacks are served with ambient brand content for a more personalized experience. The area also doubles as a meeting or event area.


    The Innovation Corridor celebrates Elekta’s innovation success, including a physical patent and awards gallery via an interactive digital experience. The installation allows visitors to learn, explore and filter through Elekta patents and their inventors.


    At the heart of the EBC is an immersive experience for dynamic presentations and videos, called The Focus Theatre. The content is pre-programmed to suit the visitor’s interests and flexible enough to support non-linear discussion.


    The boardroom provides a familiar setting for more formal meetings and delivers the same technology to displays and presentations as the Focus Theatre, providing a seamless content experience to the visitor.


    The Demo Zone provides a hands-on, full-scale product experience for clinical storytelling. Visitors can dive into a detailed exploration of the latest products. Simulated hardware demonstration with presentation screens is integrated into the demo casing.