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    Ignition Centre


    The KPMG Ignition Centre is where collaboration, innovation and insights build business success. It’s a place to embrace disruption and explore the future, bringing out the best in people, innovation and technologies to deliver real-world business value.




    KPMG Ignition is a dynamic and collaborative hub designed to spark innovation, fuel transformation, and unlock the customer’s future potential. Ignition Centre teams work with their clients until results are created, tested, and implemented.


    Elevate the Ignition Centre’s visual identity and create ‘wow’ moments that reflect and promote the Ignition experience in an inspiring, dynamic, and exciting way. The experience must deliver an unexpected impact from start to finish.


    We developed an experiential brand language of fixed and digital features to guide and inspire visitors through the Ignition journey, supported by relevant stories, content types, and art moments. The idea of people co-creating solutions is a critical part of Ignition’s success so we ensured this idea was captured within the center’s identity.


    By presenting the physical environment as a working tool rather than a finished product, visitors are inspired to participate in the process with confidence and open minds, showing that chaos, disorder, and mess can be part of the journey to lasting, successful business solutions.


    Concept Development
    User Experience Design
    Software Strategy
    Environmental Branding
    AV Engineering
    Brand Strategy

    We developed a secondary visual language that embodies the story of Ignition, supporting collaboration, speed, and innovation principles. The brand is expressed as a dynamic, ever-changing particle wave representing the creation process of KPMG Ignition.


    A larger-than-life video wall welcomes visitors as they step out of the elevator into the Ignition Centre lobby. Immersive and motion-tracking visuals in the form of a dynamic particle wave gently guide visitors toward reception. This WOW moment creates a pleasant and non-corporate experience, intriguing visitors to what comes next.

    A warm but sophisticated reception space greets visitors. The unmissable KPMG Ignition backlit wooden wall firmly positions the brand from the start of the visitors' journey.


    The branded motion graphics extend to the next digital touchpoint and serve as an ambient media backdrop to support key messaging. The particle-wave reveals provocation statements, case studies, global challenges, and industry perspectives.


    KPMG Ignition is where collaboration, innovation, and insights build business success. Here visitors are introduced to how the Ignition process works and the business challenges it helps solves in an immersive presentation setting.


    A continuation of the particle-wave, the mural transforms into an abstract world map that celebrates human participation and highlights global Ignition Centers. Visitors are invited to leave their “mark” on a metal disk, giving visitors the opportunity to engage with the space, and adding that experiential, personal touch to the environment.