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    Customer Insight Center


    “When you bring a customer to the CIC, it’s not just about a PowerPoint presentation and a tour. It’s a workshop; designed by our specialists in design thinking, collaboration and solution design,”

    Andy Bateman, Director of Segment Marketing, Telstra



    Telstra is Australia's largest telecommunications and media company, and the country’s leading provider of mobile phones and devices, home phones, broadband Internet and enterprise telecom services.


    Design a new B2B Insight Center in Sydney, with the objective of providing customers a unique experience including customized views of industry-centric insights, innovation and leadership that Telstra is known for.


    We started with a customer-centric approach that focused on an empathetic view of visitor needs and interests and gave the center a name that truly reflects the nature of the engagements: the Telstra Insight Center (CIC). Next, we designed a space that brings people into intersecting ideas and leads to exciting, unexpected outcomes. Last but not least, we developed and integrated four meaningful experience principles: 1. Show Telstra’s relevance to visitors’ industry. 2. Craft every interaction as an opportunity to connect with visitors. 3. Anticipate visitors’ needs. 4. Challenge visitors’ pre-conceived expectations. The result: An almost 39,000 square foot facility boasting high-tech collaboration spaces, a 300-person auditorium and much more—all to help accelerate sales through partnership, innovation and insight.


    At the CIC, the focus was not only on how to capture more data, but how to make it more meaningful. The desire was to create highly specific content segmentations and tailor presentations and demos precisely to individual needs. This data would be used to create profiles of visiting customers, and allow Telstra to drive better decisions with entire datasets from customer interactions obtained via live polling, surveys, or even from sensors embedded in displays and environments.


    Concept Development
    Creative Direction
    Back-End Development
    Information Architecture
    Environmental Design
    Technology Systems
    User Experience
    Front-End Development
    Data Visualization

    The Insight Ring is the first stop in the customer journey for groups of 2-20. This 360-degree interactive screen automatically recognizes and responds to customer presence and reflects media that is relevant to their business, delivering insights in new and unexpected ways.


    A triumph of engineering, the construction of the Insight Ring was enabled by a lighter, thinner, flexible screen technology and panel installation that allowed the creation of a dramatic curve--without a lot of weight so it could be suspended.


    The design of the Insight Ring required the creation of an entirely new application process. Our labs developed this unconventional canvas that aided working in a 360-degree environment.

    Pocket meeting rooms overlooking the main floor offer flexible technology to facilitate meeting needs, and opportunity to break from tour, yet feel connected to active, open environment.