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    Telstra Icon Store


    "This store delivers all of that, in an environment where the physical and digital worlds come together and customers can move seamlessly between them. It's a great way to discover the 'connected life' our innovative technology and services can provide."

    David Thodey, Chief Executive Officer, Telstra



    Telstra is Australia's largest telecommunications and media company, and the country’s leading provider of mobile phones and devices, home phones and broadband Internet.


    After successfully designing Telstra’s Customer Insight Center, the company approached us with a request to integrate the ideas around digital engagement into the retail customer experience in the Sydney flagship store.


    Design a groundbreaking retail experience where the products and solutions are customized to the individual needs and interests of the consumer. Create a unique “omni-channel” experience leveraging and integrating the best of at-home, online, and in-store touch points to create a connected, personal shopping experience. To bring all these elements together, we created an environment where the physical and digital worlds gracefully collide and customers can move seamlessly between them. The store has a circular format that encourages both movement and browsing, including an interactive product “device lab” table that invites customers to evaluate multiple products side by side.


    For years, the online shopping experience has leveraged data about shoppers and used this data to push content and products to consumers based on shopping preferences and habits. We wanted a physical retail environment to begin to have this same kind of intelligence—to provide more meaningful interactions and support more shopper insight.


    Concept Development
    Creative Direction
    Front-End Development
    Information Architecture
    Environmental Design
    Technology Systems
    Brand Strategy
    User Experience
    Back-End Development
    Data Visualization

    This play and learn table, now called the Sandbox, invites customers to compare mobile devices side by side. Devices placed on its surface instantly call up easy-to-compare product information, which customers can download onto NFC cards to take with them.


    A view of mobile device comparisons on the Sandbox and the various metrics for rating features, as well as the links to additional, downloadable product information.


    Customers can instantly download product information to take away on an NFC (near field communication) card with a simple touch of the card to the tap zone on the Sandbox.

    Originally called the App Stream, this digital waterfall was designed to express the real-time downloading of mobiles apps across the network to showcase which platforms are trending.
    Exterior view of the Telstra Icon Store, prominently located at corner of George Street and King Street in downtown Sydney.